See it before you eat it

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The digital menu of the future, see it before you eat it.

You probably know it, you are in a cozy restaurant and you have ordered a nice dish until the waiter arrives with your plate. You expected something different than what you get, unfortunately this happens to us sometimes.

Fortunately, the solution is here now, with PhotoMenu the digital menu you can see the photos of the dishes on the menu in advance

Very useful when you like dining out

With Photomenu you will never have surprises afterwards, clear app with beautiful pictures of the dishes. You can even share the beautiful pictures on social media with your friends and give feedback about the dish or the restaurant experience.

Ilse Rutten

Very easy!!!

What a great app !! Super easy restaurant search in the area. With a photo of the atmosphere and nice to see the dishes through super nice photos. Last I was on the train, I searched, found and booked in a photomenu restaurant !! Really recommendedđŸ‘đŸ» Merel van Dijk

 Why our free digital menu?

At a glance you can see all the restaurants  in your area, do you like eating out without unpleasant surprises afterwards? omgeving
Simply browse through the nice photos of the dishes, a photo says more than 1000 words? omgeving
You can see all the answers to questions about the dish at a glance, such as the size of the dish, preparation methods, allergens, ingredients and matching drinks. omgeving
Automatic language selection Dutch and English, never ask for another card again. omgeving
Social Media
Easily share the beautiful dish photo on your own social media channels, a lot nicer than the self-made photo in artificial light? omgeving
Leave immediate and anonymous feedback about the restaurant or dish without the whole world being able to see it! omgeving