The benefits of the digital menu

Fewer staff

Employees can easily be informed about new dishes

Fewer questions from guests because all information is immediately available

No plates returned due to different expectations

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Higher Sales

Insight into which dishes are viewed the most
Guests are tempted by photos to take additional orders
Matching drinks are ordered more often

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Less Costs
Menu cards no longer have to be replaced
Save hundreds of euros per year on printing costs
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More new guests
The restaurant will be seen by everyone in the area
Customers are influenced because the photos can be seen in advance
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Better appearance
Uniform method of presenting the meals
Nice photo can be shared directly on social media
Guests have less difficulty making the dish choice
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Real feedback
Guests can leave anonymous direct feedback without informing the whole world gasten feedback

25% more revenue

Guests are tempted to order extra dish (s)

20% more drinks

Guests order matching wines earlier when this is visible

10% more tip

Satisfied guests are willing to give up to 10% more tips

Marketing research


Recent research shows that seeing photos of the dishes has a major influence:

  • 44% it’s difficult making the right choice I want to order
  • 75% it would help to see a photo of the dish before making the choice
  • 70% seeing the photos of the dishes affects the restaurant choice
  • 70% regularly want a matching drink with the dish
  • 61% seduce a photo to order an extra dish
  • 58% regularly take photos of the dishes
  • 44% sometimes share their restaurant experience on social media
  • 43% appreciate leaving anonymous feedback

Boost your sales with more new and more satisfied guests who are seduced by the beautiful photos of the dishes.

Anonymous and honest feedback, which is only available for the restaurant itself without the whole world seeing this.



Automatic language switch for foreign guests based on the language of the telephone.


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