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PhotoMenu answers the question of the guest: what do I get served? So no more disappointment afterwards! Eating out has everything to do with experience, but most guests make their choice for their dish on the basis of a description on the menu.

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With PhotoMenu it is possible to preview all the dishes on the menu! This can be done easily on a phone or on a tablet by the free app: PhotoMenu. PhotoMenu is available for Android and Apple. In a simple way (like Instagram) you can browse through the photos of all dishes. Does a dish appeal to you? With 1 tap you can see all the information about the dish, such as the ingredients, preparation methods, allergens and matching drinks.

With PhotoMenu it is also possible to search for a restaurant. All participating restaurants are sorted based on distance. At a glance you can see all the restaurants in your area. What kind of kitchen they have, how far away it is from you and when they are open.

After you have selected a restaurant you will see all the information about the restaurant, including atmospheric photos and examples of dishes you can order. It is possible to contact the restaurant directly to make a reservation. It is also possible to navigate to the restaurant or to share the restaurant via social media with your friends.

The participating restaurant provides the information and photos that are brought out.
With a mini photo studio you can take a very nice picture of the dish in a few seconds with a mobile phone or camera.

With the online management portal you can easily create your own menu and upload your favorite photos, see the image below.Online management portal