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The menu app that allows you to see it before you eat it!

Simply browse the dishes and see all the information about the dish such as ingredients, allergens and matching drinks.

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  • Clear menu
    No more surprises afterwards, a picture says more than 1000 words
  • Answers to questions
    Such as preparation methods, allergens, ingredients and matching drinks at a glance
  • Dutch and English
    Automatic language selection Dutch / English
  • Community free
    The beautiful photo can be shared directly on all social media channels.



  • Staff & kitchen
    Employees can easily be informed about new dishes and all plates must be drawn up in a similar way, seasonal dishes can easily be reactivated
  • Real feedback
    Guests can leave feedback anonymously and without informing the whole world
  • Runners
    Easy insight into which dishes are most viewed and shared
  • Management portal
    Restaurants can easily create their own menu and upload photos via the management portal.

App screens